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Our Pull-Behind Acorn roller is perfect for the large lawn with multiple acorn-bearing trees. Hook up this harvester behind your riding mower, ATV, or even a golf cart. As you drive along your Bag-A-Nut will do the work for you. Collect up to 60 pounds of acorns before you have to empty your baskets. In less than half the time it takes to rake acorns, your yard will be cleaner and your back will not hurt. The basket ejector fingers and brackets have all been re-engineered for a better Bag-A-Nut, and a better Large Acorn yield.

Our large acorn model is generally for 3/8" to 1 1/4" or larger in diameter acorn. Maximum pulling speed is 8 km/h.

36" Pull-Behind Large Acorn Picker

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