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If pushing a harvester around does not suit you, then our Pull-Behind Hickory Nut Harvester is a perfect solution for picking up your Hickory Nuts. The basket, ejector fingers, and brackets have all been upgraded for a better Bag-A-Nut and better harvest yield.

A three-foot-wide shaft of wheels rolls along the ground picking up your Hickory Nuts and filling up two baskets. Our Pull-Behind Hickory Nut Picker collects nuts when pulled behind an ATV, small tractor, or driving lawn mower. Our largest Hickory Nut picker, this model is perfect for use on large lawns and acreages.

Remove hundreds of pounds of Hickory Nuts without hiring outside help or breaking your back. Hook up and unhook the universal hitch (provided) quickly to enjoy flexible use with your mower or tractor. Invest in our Hickory Nut removal solution and reap the benefits of efficiency and USA-made quality.

The Hickory Nut Harvesters are designed to pick up the actual nut(with or without the husk) and not the loose hulls/husks. This harvester will pick up some of the loose husks/hulls but will leave the majority of them on the ground. 

36" Pull-Behind Hickory Nut Harvester

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