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The 21” Pro Golf Ball Collector is the newest model in the Bag-A-Nut lineup. Designed for professional golf course , this ball collector has greaseable bearings and can go all day long without missing a beat. When engaged, drop-down travel wheels lift the main collection drum off the ground, allowing you to pull the unit between harvest areas without collecting debris or damaging the collection tines. An all-steel powder coated frame provides exceptional durability and additional weight, helping the picker tines dig deeper into thick grass and loose dirt areas.

Enlist the help of a Bag-A-Nut Golf Ball Picker to save you time and get your golf balls picked up quickly. The 21-inch Pro model is a great addition to a professional grounds maintenance fleet. Where a commercial large golf ball picker cannot be driven, this model can make for a quick cleanup of your golf balls. Add our golf pickers to your equipment and save time

Utilizing interchangeable, collapsible crates, this ball collector reduces time spent emptying the collected balls. When one collection crate is full, simply lift it off, set it to the side, and drop in a fresh crate from the handle carrier. Rotate between the three included crates or purchase additional crates to create stacks at the golf course for pickup later.


• Lift wheels allow for easy, debris-free transportation between harvest areas and around the barn and garage
• Harvested nuts are collected in collapsible crates (approx. +15lb capacity per crate, 3 crates included)
• Holds up to 2 additional (collapsed) crates on the handle
• Boasts a ~21” wide continuous harvest head
• Greaseable axle bearings
• Welded steel frame with powder coating
• Low maintenance, user-friendly design (all parts are serviceable with basic tools)

21″ Pro Push Golf Ball Collector

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