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Our new Acorn Harvesters offer a better design for more efficient acorn removal and more durable frame to give you many years of using your Bag-A-Nut. The basket, ejector fingers, and brackets have all been re-engineered for a better Bag-A-Nut, and a better Small Acorn yield. To operate this acorn picker, you simply push as you walk under your trees and watch as the acorns are picked up and ejected into the basket. When it is full, lift the basket out by the handles, empty the acorns, drop the basket back in and keep on pushing. For dense acorn coverage, make a quick second pass. Bag-A-Nut will significantly reduce the time you spend on cleaning up acorns. Make the investment that saves time and energy.

Our small acorn model is generally made for 2.54cm or less in diameter acorns.


18" Push Small Acorn Picker

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